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GPSHash lets you set, walk, run, jog, bike, drive or even sail a hidden mystery trail or course. No app to download, it works straight from your browser.The rules are simple: Navigate your way, using the built-in GPS on your mobile device, to your first waypoint, only then will the next waypoint be revealed.

Trails consists of a multiple of these waypoints which have to be resolved one by one. What happens at the finish, is up to the organizer of this trail. Maybe a prize for the first one (or team) in, a hidden party location, maybe a final at this new bar or restaurant. It's all about fun!

Use it for some great outdoor activity, from jogging in the park, cross-country running or hiking, bushwhacking,an Easter-egg walk, to off-road bike routes, car rallies and even a marathon with a twist.

Use it for: 
  • Walking / Jogging trails
  • Treasure hunt (a bit like Geocaching)
  • Bike tours
  • Unguided city tours
  • Global challenges
  • Pub Crawls
  • Cross-country runs
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